John O’Shea // The Meat Licensing Proposal

An artist in the most operative sense of the word, by which I mean he owns and regularly wears many hats – potential law-maker, dabbler in biology, sport product development and the freshest of technology – John O’Shea creates good content.

Got Guts?

The Meat Licensing Proposal

‘Since 2008 The Meat Licence Proposal has determined to bring about the enactment of a Meat Licencing Law requiring individuals wishing to purchase or consume meat to obtain a licence through their direct engagement with the act of killing an animal.

In awarding the first edition Meat Licences in 2013 to individuals who have demonstrated their engagement with acts of killing it is hoped that there will be a greater awareness and understanding of acts of animal slaughter which take place all of the time globally. This “making visible” of killing processes, which are usually hidden, will help to: “close the gap between product and process, especially in areas of food production and consumption” which is one of the constant aims of The Meat Licence Proposal. ‘ (poached from artist’s website).

Can we look our food in the eye as it dies? The Meat License Proposal forces the consumer to confront the before-food, the pumping heart, the purifying liver, the sweating skin or shivering scales. If controlled animal slaughter is adopted as law as a requisite to the consumption of meat, I predict a sharp rise in the preference of eyes of the black-eyed pea variety which, incidentally, would coincide nicely with the UN’s oddly prescriptive International Year of Pulses.


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