Small is Smart: Black Locust Farm

A piece of land is as useful as they who farm it make it, no matter the size. A farmer is a polymath, often an autodidact. Farmer knowledge varies according to the crop. For example, to succeed in horticulture, plant farmers are asked to be familiar with biochemistry, microbiology, engine mechanics, landscaping, pruning, rotational planning,Continue reading “Small is Smart: Black Locust Farm”

John O’Shea // The Meat Licensing Proposal

An artist in the most operative sense of the word, by which I mean he owns and regularly wears many hats – potential law-maker, dabbler in biology, sport product development and the freshest of technology – John O’Shea creates good content. Got Guts? The Meat Licensing Proposal ‘Since 2008 The Meat Licence Proposal┬áhas determined toContinue reading “John O’Shea // The Meat Licensing Proposal”