Cosy/Cozy in times of SARS CoV-19

Proposition_ Cosiness is a form of self-care that allows the self to be all but absent – It is a feeling of being held. It is caring for the self by returning to a feeling of being held, being supported. It is not self-indulgent, nor lazy. Consciously considering cosy when the environment is dark, coldContinue reading “Cosy/Cozy in times of SARS CoV-19”


Feed the Birds.

Let’s talk about trans-species gastronomy.  This is not the art of endangered dining, pairing the last dodo with a fine Dom Pérignon or foraged mushrooms with a flower-gilled giant lizard steak. Trans-species gastronomy refers to fine dining not on but with our furry friends – dog biscuits lovingly hand-crafted and nutritious for both pet andContinue reading “Feed the Birds.”

Good Gouda: Cool, ay?

Cork, NW We the Irish have been geographically negligent. Not all areas technically west in the county of Cork have been given equal amounts of love in the promotion of “West Cork”. The state of affairs as it currently stands is the evocation of jagged sea cliffs, swooping birds, and a striped landscape of moss,Continue reading “Good Gouda: Cool, ay?”

Back to Buffalo.

Where the Buffalo Roam A visit to Macroom Buffalo Cheese in Clonclud an hour west of Cork city brings me in close contact with majestic beasts. Water buffalo have been on Irish soil since 2009. The herd began with a head of thirty, brought over by boat from northern Italy and settled in the lushContinue reading “Back to Buffalo.”

Small is Smart: Black Locust Farm

A piece of land is as useful as they who farm it make it, no matter the size. A farmer is a polymath, often an autodidact. Farmer knowledge varies according to the crop. For example, to succeed in horticulture, plant farmers are asked to be familiar with biochemistry, microbiology, engine mechanics, landscaping, pruning, rotational planning,Continue reading “Small is Smart: Black Locust Farm”