John’s Beachcombing Museum

Welcome to John’s Beachcombing Museum.   Location: five minutes outside of Forks, Washington, USA. Description: A warehouse in a small clearing of houses surrounded by a dark, dense forest of lodgepole pine. I am travelling with a friend in a rented grey Hyundai we have christened Jess. Having driven for three hours, we are enticed offContinue reading “John’s Beachcombing Museum”


Radically Conservative: The Berry Centre

The Introduction “Have we met before?” This is the first thing said by the dark-haired woman sitting behind the heavy wooden desk in the bookshop associated with the Berry Center in New Castle, Kentucky. Her hair stops just below her ears and she smiles brightly. The walls are made of stone and the ceiling boastsContinue reading “Radically Conservative: The Berry Centre”

Adventures in Denver, Colorado

[Denver, Colorado. Length of stay: 3 days.] Semi-squatting My accommodation is in a cooperative house beside Cheesman Park, a large public green area that was once a cemetery, in the west part of town. The house I am staying in is owned by an aged lady who waited until her husband had passed before sheContinue reading “Adventures in Denver, Colorado”

Vertical Harvest Hydroponic Farm, Jackson, WY

A hydroponic growing system changes what it means to be a farmer. Hydroponics allows for the term “farm” to no longer be synonymous with “land”. By removing the need for soil, growing food becomes possible in all manner of spaces on land and on water. It also alters the relationship between landmass and yield as well asContinue reading “Vertical Harvest Hydroponic Farm, Jackson, WY”

Grounded – An Interview with Sarah McNally

Through the food you find the people. This article is based on an interview that took place on the McNally family farm. Although written in the first person, the text is not verbatim. It has been reviewed and approved by the interviewee. Sarah McNally has grown up to the rhythm of the seasons. Her parentsContinue reading “Grounded – An Interview with Sarah McNally”

Pass me the Cnidaria

A Research Post: Let’s Talk Jellyfish. First things first, jellyfish are part of a species grouping called Gelatinous Zooplankton. Closely related to coral and sea anemones, this grouping also includes other fragile water creatures like salps and comb jellies (the rave jelly). None of these creatures have brains but they do have a nervous systemContinue reading “Pass me the Cnidaria”

John O’Shea // The Meat Licensing Proposal

An artist in the most operative sense of the word, by which I mean he owns and regularly wears many hats – potential law-maker, dabbler in biology, sport product development and the freshest of technology – John O’Shea creates good content. Got Guts? The Meat Licensing Proposal ‘Since 2008 The Meat Licence Proposal has determined toContinue reading “John O’Shea // The Meat Licensing Proposal”